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We at Now, Voyager believe every single person has the right to look pin-up gorgeous every day of the week and that right should be fun and affordable! Style is conviction and we do not believe in compromise. If you don’t believe you look fabulous, why should anyone else? Why wait to dress up for those special occasions that are few and far between. Every day is a special occasion because it’s your life!

We began our travels up and down the UK with craft & vintage fairs, festivals such as Lovebox, Vintage by Hemingway & Twinwood, plus tattoo & Japanese culture conventions in December 2009. As well as introducing our unique brand of glamour & silliness for your hair, we proudly taught many how to victory roll their hair through our ‘Save the Victory Roll’ campaign. After taking a break in 2014, we are back and ready to conquer the world.

All of our hair accessories are designed so that the flower/bird/cake sits securely and comfortably, at an effective angle. It always drove us crazy to buy a hair flower on the high street and have to battle a wobbling hair thang all day! Life is tough enough, you need to be able to pop it in your hair and forget it’s there-until the stream of compliments begin, of course! Directions on how to wear are shown on the back of the packaging.

Our hair accessories are handmade, with inspiration coming from the teens of Harajuku to the pin-ups of today’s 40s & 50s revival scene. Though miles apart, their complete dedication to achieving a look is highly commendable.

When paying a visit to the Now, Voyager stall or website, you’ll find our eclectic range of hair accessories which include flowers of all types from roses to lilies to ‘Aloha’ themed orchids & hibiscuses; butterflies and birds of all types; cakes and lollipops; adorable straw hat fascinators and our super cute ‘toy clip’ range inspired by the thrill of the party bag, including seaside windmills and rubber duck hair clips. It’s all about mixing glamour and silliness. Beauty that doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can keep it simple with a single clip, or use multiples to mix and match unique layered looks. A collection to cherish and flourish with your wardrobe & style. Now, Voyager is a happy, buzzing environment where you can feel comfortable to experiment with your look.