Fliss, September 2 2010

Big Box of Love

Big Box of Love

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The first half of July brought us back to Hitchin for Jenny’s Hertfordshire Vintage & Accessories Fair, we popped up at Vibe Bar, Brick Lane and we loved our first Lovebox!

At Vibe Bar, we were joined by the very talented Miss Jacqueline White with her embroidered ‘Naughty Tees’, inspired by the brutal dating game of the modern single lady. We also met the lovely Miwary, a seamstress who can turn anything she finds into a quirky creation.

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Back in Hitchin on the second week of July, we were parked next to the lovely Hazel of Rag & Bow vintage. We couldn’t resist a bargain from her £10 rail. Felicity bagged herself the perfect Holly Hobbie style circle skirt. We also loved the selection from Hitchin’s local vintage store Jolly Brown, with their adorable 50s diner style tops for £12. We also picked up some adorable tattoo-inspired cards from Mildew for our lil shop.

Lovebox copy

The middle of July found us at Now, Voyager’s very first festival-Lovebox with the fabulous Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. We were received with a whole lot of love-it seemed that everyone wanted something for their hair! We were joined by the lovely Stacey & Gemma Solomon, a massive thank you to them for sending lots of people over to meet us for hair candy!

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We did manage to sneak off to see some music-Jess was up front for Dizzee and Fliss was in her element jumping around for Noisettes and Paloma Faith. She even had the pleasure of meeting Noisette front lady Shoniwa.

We had our faces painted, enjoyed the sunshine and ate a whole lot of ice cream. With the ice cream van next to our marquee, what were we girls supposed to do?

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When it was time to pack up and head off home, we faced protesting customers still wanting to do some last minute shopping-bizarre but certainly made our day!

Keep an eye on our blog category Event Dates for Your Diary to see when we will next be popping up in a town near you!

Whole lotta love,

Felicity & Jess

Now, Voyager xx

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