Fliss, June 3 2011

Vintage on Our Doorstep

Vintage on Our Doorstep

Vntage Vogue 6

Vintage Vogue A

Backin our regular spotat Vintage Vogue, Brentwood we had extra help on hand so that we could take full advantage of this rather special shopping opportunity with the lovely Rayna Terror...

Vntage Vogue 1

Vintage Vogue 2

We were happy to have a route through the new-old frocks at Togged to the Bricks, pick out vintage style cards at Artpix and have a quick snap at Retro Photostudio.

Vintage Vogue 3

Vintage Vogue 7

Our favourite thing about Vintage Vogue has got to be the large selection of 50s dresses so adorable they make your heart do a light flip-flop! We oohed & ahhed over pretty dresses with bold summer prints- fruits, florals, tea cups...

Vintage Vogue 5

We willlook forward to beingback at Vintage Vogue Sunday 2nd October!

Local vintage love,

Felicity & Jess

Now, Voyager xx


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