Fliss, October 14 2011

Glamour Gallery

Glamour Gallery


A whole night dedicated to glamour?! We didn't need any convincing, we were there! Following the black & white dress code was a little tough for Felicity, her wardrobe being a bit of a rainbow!-but she found one black & white number hiding amongst metallic party dresses. The National Portrait Gallery's theme was ‘NPG Film Studios’, inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood-a perfect compliment to their exhibition 'Glamour of the Gods'!


We walked in to the cocktail lounge, greeted with tunes spun by fab DJ duo The Broken Hearts. It was lovely to see Amber & Nisha in action, dressed ultra glam as per usual!We ran into the lovely Maria, who you may recognise from recently modelling for us at our first catwalk show for Shoreditch Unbound. As we headed upstairs, we saw Illamasqua in full swing-offeringhollywood alter egomake overs. We are slightly obsessed with their YouTube channel-amazing make up tutorials!


Walking into one of the rooms hidden amongst the glorious NPG, we stumbled upon Sarah Jane's Vintage Twitter Bureau in full swing, convincing guests to reveal their most glamorous & scandalous aspirations to the vintage typewriter.


We next came across the 'Walk of Fame', where we were greeted and given our film star names. Felicity was re-named Claudia Drewes-a sophisticated lady&Anthony was Oliver Winchester-an action hero! Fake identities stickered, we added our hand prints to the 'Walk of Fame' and headed back to the cocktail lounge to watch some great performances, our favourite being Fabulous Russella's "40s take on a 21st century RuPaul". Oh, what a glamorous night!


Glamorous kisses (on both cheeks!)

Felicity & Jess

Now, Voyager xx


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