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Dear Santa, Pretty Please Bring Me Vintage Hair for Christmas!

Dear Santa, Pretty Please Bring Me Vintage Hair for Christmas!

We have become slightly addicted to vintage hair. Styles so voluminous & shiny they call to our very hearts and make boys’ heads turn…but how to achieve this on a day-to-day basis?...and without becoming rather vain?

Ladies, allow us to take you on a vintage hair journey (something to do as you slow down & relax for the holidays)…


The vintage hairstyle obsession began with a trip to East London’s Powder Room. After a speedy make-up & in a jiffy 50’s style hair do for a birthday party, we were in love.

As we watched the talented Powderpuff Girl expertly roll our fringes (while being treated to tea & biscuits-yum!), we were inspired to try it at home and have never looked back! Firstly, we recommend that you find a vintage hairstylist in your area, and get your hair styled. This should only cost around £10-£15. It is a good way to get to grips with vintage hair if its a new world to you.

You can also pick up good tips. For instance, when back-combing make sure you back-comb straight and not at an angle, i.e. hacking the hair, to avoid hair damage.


Now you know what you are trying to achieve at home, free up some time, turn on your computer and log on to the Youtube tutorials. Start with rolling your fringe & practicing victory rolls, shown in the below tutorial. Once you get the hang of this, it can become an easy everyday hairstyle taking only about 10 mins.


If you can't get the right amount of volume, you can roll you hair around hair padding, which is available in blonde, black & brown on eBay for around £5.

Practice until you are feeling slightly cocky, then you can try some extra special Updos like the one below. Should you achieve this, we cannot promise you won’t become vain, the compliments will be flying!

You could then venture on to the wonderful world of pin curling for bombshell hair!


You can also purchase PDF files of vintage beauty guides at Retro Belles.

Of course, now that your hair is styled you will surely feel the need to decorate it with your collection of Now, Voyager goodies! We would love to see pics of your vintage hair styles & send in any hair tips you have! Please e-mail them to [email protected]

Fancy documenting all your efforts? You can get dressed up with friends & have a retro photoshoot experience with Mendoza's Retro Photostudio. Shoots can be arranged online. You can even get a special price when visiting Vintage Vogue fair in Brentwood, with prices starting under £20. There is also talented hair stylist on hand-Jill of Hair Aid Shelter (we can never resist!) who can fix your hair in any Updo for £10. Below is Fliss & Rayna's friendship photo by Mendoza.


We thought we would throw in a 50’s make-up tutorial, for good measure!


Happy Holidays, Vintage Lovers!

Cake & Kisses,

Felicity & Jess

Now, Voyager xx

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