Fliss, March 5 2012

Behind the Scenes of Our Shoot

Behind the Scenes of Our Shoot


Let's go behind the scenes of our latest websitephoto shoot with Sammy Bruce Photography! We had such a big team for this shoot, we actually found time for some behind the scenes shots for the first time. First up, here is the elegant Miss Cherry on Fire with "swan" inspired 50s make up, wearing our new lil glitter butterfly hair clips. Maria styled her hair with a single victory roll and a soft wave.


Here is lovely Lolita Katie Carter with classic 40s "English Rose" make up, wearing one of our new fish duo hair clips. Felicity styled Katie's hair in victory rolls with blue & pink glitter.


Here is Jess & the beautiful Jenny Helkin with 60s "dolly" make up and aloha floral clips with cheeky bird hair clips. Jess wore 60s "Blythe" inspired make up with butterfly and fish duo hair clips (below). Felicity styled Jenny's hair with a 60s inspired do, and Jess' with victory rolls and a back rolled fringe.


Here is our BFF, the gorgeous Rayna Terror with our very own beautiful blue mermaid of a model Amie Conradine. Rayna wore her own design make up and a layered look inspired by mint choc ice cream sundaes. Rayna's hair was styled with one large victory roll. Amie took inspiration from our 60s dolly make up and wore a layered look inspired by our love of pink. Felicity styled Amie's hair with a 60s meets 50s up do that they had created together at London Edge.


And last but not least, here is most of the team (with the exception of Sammy as she's doing her thing behind the camera & Amie). From left to right: Miss Cherry on Fire, Jenny Helkin, Rayna Terror, Jess, Katie Carter with talented make-up artist Terri Capon & Felicity in front.

Gorgeous locks & love,

Felicity & Jess,

Now, Voyager xx


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