Fliss, April 22 2011

A Tale to Tell...We Love The Mummers

A Tale to Tell...We Love The Mummers

Allowus to share the moment we fell in love with The Mummers with you...catching them on Jools Holland, we fell down the rabbit hole to 'March of the Dawn' and never looked back... "I wake up, before the dawn /Grab my coat, take a walk whilst telling myself /To open up a brand new page /Underline the title of this chapter of mine / And it's a brand new day, a beautiful night, the rest of my life..."

The Mummers stand for endurance, ever striving for the ultimate fairytale ending no matter what tragic or mundaneevents unfold. They certainly do have a tale to tell, if you are inclined to take the time to listen.


Raissa fronts The Mummers-a style icon in her own right, wearing whatever she feels like-sod fashion...typically with Converseon her feet. At the KCLSU this week, she wore a retro80s lace Barbie wedding fantasy dress, teamed with a 20s flapper style feather head piece and of course, her well-loved Converse.


Lovely lyrics & telling tales,

Felicity & Jess

Now, Voyager xx

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